Do animals dream? Do you ever dream of being an animal?
Guest Writer, Jim Latham, dreams on the logistics of transporting candy during covid
Tuesday Topic: Are snakes in dreams good or bad?My Mom endured years of dreaming about snakes, all the while they were showing up everywhere - literally - in her waking life. They appeared on …
How a stress dream ruined my favorite meal of the day
Tuesday Topic: Do you dream during naps?I’m a napper. It’s a luxury I love, but don’t get to do it often enough. Some of my most vivid dreams happen during naps, especially those long,…
When a dream is better than the movies
Tuesday Topic: What percentage of your dreams are happy on average?Kelly Bulkeley Ph.D, studies dreams and is the director of an open-access dream database where people report dreams, giving scientists, and psyc…
Science is catching up and proving REM-dreaming heals.
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